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The important subjects of a common registration for the Dominion, or interprovincial reciprocity, was dosage next dwelt upon, and the opinion expressed that the time had arrived when the obstacles in the way might be overcome by mutual concessions on the part of the different Provincial medical authorities. In each, there side was nystagmus, which, in one case, was almost entirely confined to one eye. He bore it well, however, and recovered without a reviews bad symptom. THE PROPHYLACTIC TREATMENT OF ECLAMPSIA The author recognizes two varieties that may occur as a result of the pregnant or puerperal condition, viz.; first, those of a purely nervous character, which usually occur in women of neurotic habit, and those who are predisposed to epileptic attacks; and second, ingredients convulsions which occur as a result of some change in the blood and tissues of the patient, due to renal disease, as specially indicated by the presence of albumen in the urine.

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