Vilaj Tourist Trade and Tourism Complex
Vilaj Tourist Trade and Tourism Complexis located in the heart of the economic and tourism center of Mashhad, in Vakil Abad Boulevard at the beginning of TorghabehRoad. This complex was designedbased on the practical strategies of sales engineering, identification of target population and market, effective and targeted advertising proportional to the demands for respectful owners, and absorption of the necessary capital. The goalsof this projectare as follows:
1. A systematic engineering of market policies by re-arrangement of shops to promote sales
2. Pre-sale of 260 commercial propertiesin 3 floors
3. Planning and executing a 3-step strategy of sales price increase with modified pre-sale conditions depending on the time of delivery
4. Effective planning to operationalize the large marketof Vilaj Tourist Complex Read more ...
NargesCommercial - ResidentialComplex as the closest project to the shrine of Imam Reza (AS) is under construction in to the courtyard. The project will be designed in two phases of Nages and Rezvan.
Client: HarimSharghCivil ConstructionCo.
Land area: 8277 m2 Commercial properties: 260 units Building area: 47,000 m2 :
Facilities: a 5-star hotel, a commercial complex in 3 floors, hypermarket, a conference and ceremony room in 2 floors, a modern and equipped water pool, a restaurant, etc.
The whole project could be transferred to investors, but given the disagreement of the owner to sign away the entire project, the project entered a new phase of market policy. Read more ...
VesalCommercial Complex
Gold and Wedding EssentialsComplex (Vesal) is located in the Sepad Tourism and Commercial Complex adjacent to East DiamondComplex. This complex,especially dedicated to the professionals working in the wedding business, has special architectural characteristics..
Client: SepadKhorasan
Commercial properties: 400 units in 6 floors Land area: 11,270 m2with a building area of 44,000 m2
Facilities: 4 banking branches, reception halls, restaurants, hypermarket, etc.
(Most of business units have been sold out) Read more ...
Tehran International Tower
Tehran International Tower,a marvelous building of 162-m high, is designed in 56 floors and 3 separate wings in form of a star. In a building area of 220,000 m2, this tower includes 572 apartments whichconsists of 43 apartment suites, 172 two-bedroomapartments, 313 three-bedroom apartments, 16 four-bedroom apartment, 11 triplex penthouses and 17 commercial properties on the ground floor. This huge residential tower is located in Tehran, between West Hakim, Sheikh Bahai, and Kurdistan Highway. Thanks to the sincere efforts and efficient management of our competent agents and specialists, a significant number of the commercial propertiesin International Tower Tehran have been sold. The policies and measures adopted from the beginning of the project to date have mainly contributed to the boom of sales and marketing of this national project, with a subsequent well-earned reputation gained forinvestment security. Read More ...
Taban Commercial and Specialized Complex
This specialized and luxurious complex is located inSazmanAb Blvd. (Shahid Sadeqi) in the city of Mashhad. TabanComplex, as one of the most modern centers dedicated to the sale of computer equipment and office machines in the Eastern Iran, is constructed in three floors devoted to commercial properties and shops and two floors dedicated to office suites. This majestic complex is under ownership of HamgarayanSaze and Bana Company.(All units were sold out to the unions of computer wholesalers in the city of Mashhad) Read More ...
Reza Commercial-Office Complex
The first and largest specialized complex dedicated to the curtains and decorations market in the East of Iran, this complex is located at the heart of Mashhad City in Hor-e Ameli Blvd. (between No. 8-10) on the corner of Ta’abodi St. The establishment of this complex in the vicinity of the large market of curtains and decorations with the aim of integration and concentration of related business provides an apt investment opportunity in one of the outstanding specialized commercial-office complexes in Iran. With the contribution of the private sector, this complex is established in an area of approximately 1100 m2in 9 floors and consists of 60 commercial properties and 40 office suites. Read More ...
Pasargad Modern House Commercial-Recreational Complex
Ina building area of over 140,000 m2with 70,000 m2of commercial space, this magnificent complexcomprising of 800 commercial properties, a food court (2000 m2), an entertainment space (3,500 m) and 2700 parking spaces, is located 3 km into Mashhad-Shandiz Road. Given the proximity of the project to the city of Mashhad and the fact that it should be a reflection of the cultural and religious context of this city, turquoise stone, as asouvenir of this city, has been used as the basic conceptual idea for project design.To achieve important goals such as environment sustainability, energysaving and efficient energy consumption in the design of Pasargadae modern Houseproject,various strategies such as the use of intelligent building systems, biodegradable resources, efficient modern methods of energy production, environment-friendly materials, costs reduction and energy saving by shortening the materialsupply chain have been adopted. Read More ...
Diane project
DianeCommercial-Office Complexintends to provide a unique space with an appealing architecture to create sustainable jobs, shopping and services in an area with high population density. Diane Commercial-Office Project is located in the center of the spiritual capital of the Muslim world, the city of Mashhad, in the intersectionof MotahariSt. and AbdulmutallabBlvd.
Convenient and quick access to the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS), central railway station and downtown areas of Mashhad makesthis project a brilliant opportunity for investment in commercial and office properties. Read More ...