Project introduction

Diane Commercial-Office Projects, thanks to the private-sector investment and the most advanced technologies in the field of engineering and construction industry, is being established in an area of approximately 2352 m2with a building area of about 21,300 m2in 11 floors. To incorporate the modern design in the project,a number of factors such as strength and beauty, expedient installation and harmony between the exterior front and the function of the complex,a combination of stone, composite sheets and reflex glass have been taken into account. Diane Commercial-Office Complex intends to provide a unique space with an appealing architecture to create sustainable jobs, shopping and services in an area with high population density.
Diane Commercial-Office project is located in the center of the spiritual capital of the Muslim world, the city of Mashhad, in the intersectionof MotahariSt. and AbdulmutallabBlvd. Convenient and quick access to the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS), central railway station and downtown areas of Mashhad makes this project a brilliant opportunity for investment in commercial and office properties.
The project is located at the intersection of North Motahari and AbdulmutallabStreets (also known as 35-m junction).
Project advantages
• Proximity to the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS)
• Ease of access to railway station (less than 2 km)
• Proximity toMashhad Customs Office
• Establishment in the heart of a residential-commercial region
• The first intelligent commercial-office complex in the eastern Iran
• The first commercial office complex in the district
• Convenient access to important central parts of the city
• Positioning in a thriving business district
• Diversefloor area of commercial properties
• Jewelry and gold market, household appliances, children's accessories, clothing, bags and shoes, cosmetics and toiletries, etc.
Salient features
Diane complex, in compliance with the promotion of economic and tourism objectives - has significantly contributed to the prosperity of this part of the holy city of Mashhad with the realization of following goals:
• Change of the construction style from the perspective of architecture and urban furniture
• Concentration of various business units in asingle complex and thus reducing urban travels
• Creating a promising business environment for various trades
• Providing a perfect site for meeting the tourists needs and shopping requirements of people
• Beautiful design, distinctive front, modern architecture with smart features

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