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Now that labor has awakened to the advantages of health insurance to the working-people from the standpoint of social and health benefits, the large mass of the people "norgestimate" of the country will in all likelihood line up in favor of social insurance. The exciting cause is not generally to be found, although emotion or fright seem to have been the side beginning of the attack. During the winter of was called what out to a confinement in the bush. From the medicolegal standpoint especially, it is of importance that the coronaries be opened in all cases of sudden or rapid death, even in the absence of fibrous plagues or of recent e: after. Tablet - all this is playing into the hands of the doctors, many of whom, it is regretfully confessed, are full sharers in the"colds" delusion, dressing themselves on the same plan, and never recognizmg the disease when themselves atacked, or when called to the bedside of a sufferer, for what it really is. Troy, however, still how has the highest rate of deaths from this cause, with Albany second, and New York third.