The sleep is very often of the disease that the patient is obliged usually to take to his bed at once, and it is much rarer to meet with walking cases of the disease than in typhoid fever. But so far as known, Schwartz reports' the first successful attempt at suture of the lateral sinus (mr big pills).

The mere statement"history of syphilis of the parents" is an unsatisfactory criterion as is its denial, unless such a statement is corroborated by a Wassermann reaction. No instance of the disease has been previously recorded in the English language, and with one exception the entire literature is German. The patient's condition is one of right-sided hemiplegia as a result of advanced cardiovascular-renal disease. This was not the hypertrophy of a damaged organ, but hypertrophy due to blood driven under higher pressure.

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Whenever conditions will permit, roads should be oiled at proper intervals during the dry season, for the oil is not only destructive of all insect larvae, especially those of mosquitoes and house flies, but also prevents dust; as a matter of fact the expense is trifling in comparison with the beneficial influence on the health of those who live on and use roads thus cared for, to say nothing of the effect on all vegetation including crops, garden and lawn vegetation and foliage of all kinds. Belonging to a group of citizens with superior training, wider sympathies, and trained judgments, there is a responsibility for participation in the social movements of the times beyond the average of most In so far as matters of legislation pertaining to the welfare of the medical profession itself, the influence of the profession has been less than its opportunity demands. The catheter should of course be of the largest size. This instrument must therefore be considered a valuable improvement; and it should be in the hands of medical practitioners generally, An Account of the Yellow Fever, as it prevailed in the City of New York, in Essai stir la Fievre Jaune d'Amerique, ou Considerations sur les Causes, les AMERICAN EDITIONS OF FOREIGN WORKS. On Physical Betterment reference was made to the observation of Dr. , Early in April small pox appeared in town and proved fatal to several who became subjects of its attack. From the fact that it contains small lobules of fat, and superiorly expands into the rest of the omentum. All my cases with absolute rigidity of the pupil and somewhat irregular shape, have on serologic examination given a positive reaction It is also important for the general practitioner to know and bear in mind the baneful effect of eye strain upon the human nausea and vomiting and the subsequent neurotic states are to-day known in a large percentage of cases to be caused by errors of refraction.

By this precaution Ispahan escaped from this malady; but towards the end of September it made its appearance in Jesd, and continued its ravages during the whole of During the winter the complaint disappeared from Jesd; and extended itself in a northern direction, the course which the caravans take, visiting the large towns of Nain, Kashan, Koom, Kosbrun, Sava and Dain. The anterior portion extended beneath the sterno-mastoid muscle. While putting a ligature around the arm for this purpose, to do which, however, it was necessary to constrain the patient by force, as he did not seem to comprehend my intentions, he was attacked by a third fit. Cases, and Jackson noted it in nearly all his cases. Of the size of a horse-chestnut, and streaked with blood. Xo antiseptics whatever are used during the course of the operation: everything coming into contact with the wound is sterile, and it depends on the unceasing and seemingly pedantic precautions of the surgeon to keep the wound aseptic. Sloane's case suggested neurofibroma, but in such cases there was usually involvement of the eyelids. Holmes has pursued his researches with the earnestness and zeal of the true scientist, constantly seeking the object before him.