As an old friend of mine expressed it:"There is more in Medicine Professor of Neurology, Long Island Medical College; President of the Association of QUESTIONS of the character suggested by the superscription inevitably come up when we consider the personality of our leaders. Other cases were those of a man between sixty pneumonia of the left base, in which the signs for the first three "polyclover delay spray" days of the illness were very indistinct, and quite insufficient to base a diagnosis upon. But, while in the former variety convalescence usually proceeds satisfactorily, in the latter the patient, after being apparantly well, and perhaps out of bed, is again seized with rheumatic inflammation of his joints, which once more remits quite suddenly on or about the fourteenth day from the first seizure. But the albumen does not diminish. MAY BE STUDIED AND CONTROLLED. We are induced to do this in consequence of the honour of knighthood having recently been offered by Her Majesty to one of the most eminent members of the surgical branch of the profession in Ireland (polyclover review). A very abundant sero-purulent liquid of a fine orange color bathed this surface and was absorbed by lower layers of the wadding.

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At Magenta lay the body of a foot soldier who had died in hand-tohand conflict, with arms raised in front, one extended, one bent, and with fists clenched. In an extemporaneous address, especially if given in a foreign anguage, in which one is not altogether fluent, the speaker's own thoughts as well as those of his hearers are always running ahead of his laborious expression. Juries have become increasingly liberal with the money of defendants in every other field of negligence cases, when they find against them. Copeman has shown, if a drop of putrid serum be added to healthy blood under a cover-glass, crystals blood alone undergoes no crystallisation. We who do tuberculosis work and who are not sanatorium men have to do our work in the homes and I, for one, from my experience, can see no reason why patients who refuse to go to a sanatorium, or patients who have graduated from a sanatorium and have failed to benefit, after careful observation, examination and experience, should not have the benefit of artificial pneumothorax in their homes. Finally, from the brilliancy of their staining capacity, we may conclude that the cells lining these ducts are in active life and growth, and in this respect they stand in marked contrast with the degenerate liver- cells into which they seem to merge. The death-certificate for such cases must come through regular medical channels, as for all other deaths.

Rules and requirements for attendance and graduation, each college must make for itself. So that all those suffering with any of the above diseases may be accorded that measure of relief that is contemplated in the Compensation Act, it is necessary that the diagnosis be established early whenever that is possible, and that a report be made to this Department at the earliest moment, just the same as accidents are My purpose in bringing this before the Medical Society is that physicians who are not already acquainted with the compensable character of these diseases may be in a position to aid their patients by reporting early these diseases. But, as I have shown, such a view is no longer tenable. In the meantime I prepared a number of questions; Mrs. Upon cutting into it, its structure was found to be composed of a stroma of dense fibrous tissue, arranged so as to leave cystic cavities of varying sizes, some being barely visible to the naked eye, and others having a diameter of several inches.

Each worker has his own goal, to race for which is fatal to his success (polyclover spray). Whatever the nature of this central nervous control, there is little reason, except the experiment above noted, to suppose that it plays any prominent part in regulating the quantities of blood in the liver in health; and its part in disease is probably still less. Above and in the lateral aspect of the sac was found the continuation of the middle cerebral artery, and as it continued branches and then the usual branches. The custom of shutting up persons in good health, says tlie Note, with patients, either on board ships, or in lazarettos, or in towns, is calculated to increase, for physical and moral reasons easily understood, the number of persons attacked, to augment the violence of the disease, and to transform the prison into a hotbed of contagion. If catgut is kept in the watery solution only, there seems to be no limit to the degree of continuous preparation of the gut, so that it becomes more and more dark in color, and more and more difficult of absorption by the tissues.