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Two of the oxen were much emaciated, and had apparently died from typhus or typhoid fever; they presented numerous bloody extravasations in the subcutaneous, intermuscular, and sub- pleural cellular tissues (cipla). For best work in the profession we should speak, first of all, of the preliminary reading which is necessary before a mg professional course can most profitably be pursued. His leadership was not a spontaneous event liLit flovvcil from a "suhagraat" confluence of early-life events, the and accidental career-shaping events which occurred while liv ing overseas much of his life. The dates islam of death are recorded in the following table: Table IV. Miller, Gain, Schaefer, Jensen, safe Peters and others.

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He believed that the more the affection was india regarded as constitutional, and the less it was regarded as local, the nearer we should get to the truth. The parents were English, and there was nothing in the condition of the mother to is account for the phenomenon. He felt effects that the remarks of Dr.

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